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Individual Board Member

(Board of Director aka B.O.D.) 


A board of director's responsibility is to design and insure the successful implementation of programs and activities which benefit the members of the organization. They are to represent the Chamber at public and private functions, become acquainted with current and prospective members and familiarize themselves with the interests of the community. 



  • Attend all meetings of the Board. A director who is absent from 3 regular meetings of the board in any twleve month period may be removed from the board by a majority vote of the board. The board may consider illness or other mitigating factors at its discretion.
  • Make every effort to be fully informed on objectives and policies of the chamber.
  • Board members are expected to be genuine and sincere in their interest for the overall membership. Personal agendas should be left outside the board room.
  • Board members are expected to work with other board members, community members, and the chamber's staff to uphold the interests of the membership in relation to the mission, vision, goals, and an adopted Program of Work for each annual year.
  • Work with the board and committees to adopt a Program of Work each year.
  • Accept and follow the Program of Work that states objectives and priorities of the chamber.
  • Adopt an annual budget for operation of the Chamber and the program goals set in the Program of Work.
  • Board members are to be courteous but frank in their discussions of chamber matters.
  • Must attend at least 3 events big or small throughout the year (not including board meetings, special meetings, orientation, or strategic planning sessions.)
  • You must actively participate in at least 1 chamber committee each year during your 3 year term.
  • Call or visit new members on occasion as requested.
  • Invite new members to join the chamber.
  • Actively promote the chamber whenever possible.



  • Willing to spend time and effort necessary to give the proper attention to Board responsibilities.
  • Ability to work constructively and harmoniously with the staff, the committee members and board members in accordance with policies established by the board.
  • Follow chamber's bylaws adopted by the membership.
  • Courage and ability to have an objective opinion and willingness to express your perspective in a constructive mannerism in best interest of the membership as a whole.
  • Ability to gain the respect of associates and give leadership to committee members.

Estimated hours of commitment to the chamber is 4 to 6 hours per month.